CodoxEngine and
Transparent Adaptation

Creating real-time collaborative applications made easy

Our innovative collaborative technologies help developers to focus on innovation and creating highly usable real-time collaborative applications without being burdened by technical complications of distributed real-time collaboration.

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Collaborative system developers face two formidable challenges: one is to solve complex distributed real-time collaboration problems, such as consistency maintenance, conflict resolution, etc., which had costed computer scientists extensive research for over one decade; and the other is to provide collaborative applications with comprehensive conventional functionalities and interface features comparable to their single-user counterparts, which had costed the software industry vast R&D investment in the past decades.

Can we build advanced collaborative systems with state-of-the-art collaboration capabilities and comprehensive conventional functionalities, without reinventing collaboration and conventional technologies? Yes, the answer is the CodoxEngine and Transparent Adaptation technologies -- the culmination of over 15 years of continuous world-leading research.


The CodoxEngine meets the challenge of solving complex distributed real-time collaboration problems without re-inventing the wheel, by providing a reusable collaborative software component that encapsulates comprehensive solutions for supporting multiple users to edit any parts of shared documents at anytime (the same or different times) from anywhere over the Internet.

The Transparent Adaptation solves the challenge of supporting comprehensive conventional application functionalities without re-inventing the wheel, by providing system architecture and design techniques that integrate the CodoxEngine with existing or new single-user applications to create multi-user collaborative applications, without making any change to the source code but preserving all conventional functionalities of the original single-user application.

With the CodoxEngine and Transparent Adaptation technologies, system developers can quickly and efficiently build collaborative applications with advanced collaboration capabilities empowered by the CodoxEngine, and rich conventional functionalities inherited from existing single-user applications. Software vendors of existing single-user applications can use the CodoxEngine and Transparent Adaptation technologies to upgrade their killer applications with advanced collaboration capabilities to stay competitive in the market.


The CodoxEngine and Transparent Adaptation technologies are generic, vendor-independent, and applicable to a wide variety of applications, from office productivity tools, computer-aided design tools, to digital media design systems, which can be desktop or web-based applications, and based on proprietary or open source code. The CodoxEngine and Transparent Adaptation technologies have been successfully applied to build the following collaborative applications:

CodoxWord: a real-time collaborative word processor based on Microsoft Word.
CoPowerPoint : a real-time collaborative slide creation and presentation tool based on Microsoft PowerPoint.
CoCalc : a real-time collaborative spreadsheet editor based on Calc.
CoMaya : a real-time collaborative digital media design system based Autodesk Maya.
CoFlash : a real-time collaborative Flash creator based on Adobe Flash.
CoVim : a real-time collaborative text editor based on Vim.